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How to Build Anything has the Missing Info that Woodworking Plans Often Leave Out! How to Build Anything makes no assumptions about your woodworking skills. Using clear, concise language without woodworking jargon the 10-part series takes you step-by-step through the entire building process. Right from buying your first set of power tools to adding the final coat of finish to your project. Even if you've never owned a power tool, How to Build Anything can give you the skills and confidence to build literally hundreds of simple projects for around the home. Click here for much more in depth information and to get started with your woodworking projects with confidence!

How to Build Anything

The good news is that anyone with a few simple wood tools can learn the basics of furniture construction-and then go on to build any number of wood projects for around the home. Once you know the basics for building a box, a carcass, and a frame, what you do from here is limited only by your imagination. You'll have no need for someone else's woodworking plans, diagrams, or blueprints. If you can imagine it, you can build it!

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