Australia Leading the Solar Installation Way

Solar Power Installs have achieved new heights in Australia with the leading amount of installations recorded in the world for years. Germany have been beaten off the top spot by Australia for the most solar power installs in the world. New schemes introduced by the government have seen an increase in interest by people of late.

Australia Leading The Way In Solar Installs

Solar Power is looking great in Australia right now with last year reports that the country is leading the way in installations. Germany have been the leaders in solar power installs and now the land down under is taking the lead. The land down under has a reputation for creating schemes to get people to start using clean energy and has been seeing the number of people taking these programs increase.

10 per cent solar energy

Australia’s electricity is now increasing in solar powered homes at quite an alarming rate, which was reported by Professor Flannery a chief commissioner. Their have also been reports of 1 in 5 people owning solar power in Queensland this year which has made heads turn. If people see alot of other houses with solar power, this can have a social proof effect causing more people to install solar because of this.

Renewables to be running the economy

Because of the rise in solar power it’s predicted that it could have a substantial effect on how the economy is run in Australia. The solar power installation demand has increased drastically which has been helped a lot by the reduction in the costs that are involved with them. That means that buying a system today is about 10 000 dollars more than a system back in 2008. The big searches on solar systems usually will target the 3kw and 5kw systems. The changing costs of solar however could indicate that people find he big systems more affordable.

Solar Brisbane and Beyond – Possibly The Most Affordable Energy

There has been lots of reports of the installs of solar panels Australia wide in the the 700, 000 range which support these findings. In Queensland they’ve even found the amount of solar installs has now doubled which means their looks like their could be growth to come. So right now in 2012 there’s really a good looking line of growth in the industry from here on in. Who knows what will happen in the future when the prices drop (Click Here to see our range of solar systems.)

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