How You Can Change A Broken Cord On A Sash Window Yourself

From time to time, the cord may need to be changed due to wear and tear. With some time and effort, a homeowner can learn how to change a broken cord on a sash window by themselves. To make the repair, have a putty knife, small pry bar, flat head screw driver and several small nails on hand.

The first step will be to remove the interior stop. Use the putty knife to pry it open or unscrew it. Next, move the inner sash out the way carefully. The cords fit into stile grooves, which are vertical pieces inside the frame, and they are held in place with knots. Carefully pull these free and set the weights down. A good idea is to clean out this area of any dirt before reassembling it.

The third task is to open the parting strip from one of the jambs. A jamb is an upright support found in the window frame. This may be held in place with nails, so take care when pulling it off. Move the upper piece out of the way and take off the cords.

The weight pockets must be taken out next. This involves taking off the weather stripping first. Access to the weight pockets should be behind small plates at near the bottom of the jambs. If not, they are behind the interior casing on both sides of the window. In either case, remove the pieces and get the sash weights.

Measure out the length of cord the window will need and cut them accordingly. Untie and remove the old ones and begin to feed the new ones into the assembly. Send them over the pulleys and down into the weight pockets. Loop them around a metal bar found in the weight before tying it. It can also be secured with wire.

For simplicity, pull the weights to the top of their pockets and hold them in place with a nail. Take the outer cords and attach them to the slots in the sash with screws. Put the parting strip back and take out the nails and pulleys. Then raise the sash and attach the strings to the inside. Finally, put the entire frame back together.

It might be easier to change all the strings at one time while the frame is apart. This insures that they are all fresh and shouldn’t need to be changed again for some time. It is possible to use chain instead of string, whichever is preferred. It may take some time, but it’s much less costly to do it yourself.

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