How To Remove Spilled Oat Meal On Your Rugs And Carpets.

Many people enjoy eating oatmeal during breakfast. It is a nutritious food which makes us strong and healthy. It can be experienced in many ways which includes mixing up it together with a fresh fruit or chocolate. Oatmeal also come in various colors and flavors.

Oatmeal are best served when hot and quite often we tend to forget this important fact. And as with many things that are very hot to the touch, our fingers quickly withdraw from the bowl which could end up splattered into the floor or worse, on your carpets.

Splattering oatmeal is the worse problem for your carpets as it is can get really sloppy and makes your carpet looking ugly and smelling staggeringly. Cleaning it is a bit of challenge but here are some tips to make it a whole bunch easier. Here are some actions you can take to get your carpets and rugs clean again.

First, use a spoon to scoop the oatmeal carefully evading any spreading that can happen. Some people would scoop in a hurry which can make things worse by dispersing it to untouched areas. After all the excess oatmeal been scooped out, it is time to proceed to the next step.

Step 2 would involve a paper towel. Push the hand towel gently against the surface of the carpet and blot the area where the spill took place. This can help significantly in getting rid of oatmeal particles so that you’ll only be left with the stain. Make sure to use as many paper towels to draw out those oatmeal particles and not recycle and apply it as it may damage the carpet surface. A number of carpet manufacturer will void any warranty if the cleaning is not done efficiently.

After that, you can now purchase or start preparing your own solution. Preparing your own solution can be achieved just by using common household items. Just add a teaspoon of dish cleaning liquid and then combine it with a cup of tepid to warm water. This solution is extremely effective and can get rid of most stains in the carpet.

After mixing the solution, the next step is to put the solution to work by applying it directly into the oatmeal spill. Just leave it on the spot for a few minutes before using a clean white cloth to get rid of any excessive stains that didn’t go away at the first try. This will remove and lift the stain out of the carpet and into the clean cloth just like a magnet pulling paper clips. Try this repeatedly until all of the stains are eliminated.

The last step is then to use water to wash the area where the oatmeal landed and dry it off with another thoroughly clean, dry cloth. Do this again as you can draw out moisture from the carpet and then leave it to dry afterwards. If you wish to read more about carpet cleaning tips then please go to for more useful tips to keep your carpets neat and desirable.

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