Roof Moss Removal

One in each and every 3 roofs is replaced prematurely due to damage done by moss. Roof moss may well look harmless however it is feeding on the roofing material that it is attached too, causing homeowners to spend thousands of dollars to replace it. Maintaining your roof will maintain that cash within your pocket and also the shingles on your roof a lot longer.

Roof moss, like any other living organism, requirements water, food and air to be able to survive. The north side or a shady section of a roof is the best habitat for moss. The north facing side of your roof doesn’t get direct sunlight which would burn the moss off; instead it remains cooler and retains water longer permitting moss to thrive. Moss can survive on airborne food sources or from eating the surface that it really is attached too, like; wood pulp from cedar shingle roofs or from the limestone inside the asphalt style shingles.

Removing roof moss is hazardous work and can be fairly pricey, though home owners with general maintenance skills can accomplish this by themselves with the aid of the proper roof moss removing product along with a couple hours of work. Power washing or brushing moss off of your roof with out pre-treating the roof with an successful moss cleaner will only result in topical removal, meaning that the roots will be left behind, still feeding and will soon bloom once more.

1 product that I would never consider employing on a roof is chlorine bleach, it can dry and crack shingles causing them to dislodge, it can discolor the roofing material, if it happens to drip down over a painted surface it is going to leave stain and it is going to surely destroy any landscaping that it may come in contact with. An option should you want your roof cleaned entirely that day and don’t mind spending $600-1,000 dollars would be to hire a roof cleaning business, they are professionals and can safely eliminate the moss.

In the event you have the patience to wait about 90 days and don”t mind climbing up on a ladder to the gutters edge, you’ll be able to spray your own roof with an effective cleaner that only targets roof moss without having damaging your roofing material. The moss will rapidly turn brown, dry up and then as the wind and rain batters your roof, the dry moss will wash or blow off of the roof. All roof moss removal goods are not developed in the exact same way, there are unique environmentally friendly cleaning agents that target mold, moss and fungus around the home.

Lilly Miller 100503873 Moss Out Hose N Go for Lawns, 32-Ounce

Lilly Miller 100503873 Moss Out Hose N Go for Lawns, 32-Ounce Rating:
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Product Description

Lilly Miller 100503873 Moss Out Hose N Go is the fast, easy way to get rid of lawn moss and keep it from coming back-for good. Just attach any garden hose and spray the product over affected turf. Active ingredient: Ferric Sulfate.


  • Use with included hose attachment for convenience
  • Fast, easy application
  • Promotes a healthy lawn
  • Kill moss and prevents regrowth
  • Covers up to 500 square feet

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