Why Building Your Own Solar Panels Could Save You A Lot

Solar panels are a good way to save on energy. Depending on the wattage, solar panels can lessen our consumption on electricity. These panels are used to convert solar energy into electricity stored in a battery.

DIY Solar Panel Installation

Learning how to build solar panels seems to be a tedious task. But if you are setting up solar panels to save on money, you don’t have a choice but do it yourself because home installations by manufacturers and service providers basically cost twenty to thirty thousand dollars. With the costs of hiring a company to setup solar panels at your home, you don’t have a choice. Twenty grand is a lot and is a bit impractical for a homeowner like you.

Is it easy to build do-it-yourself solar panels? Yes and anyone with basic tools and some cash can do it. Once you have an idea on the secrets of the trade, then you are off to go. Its easy to get started and sometimes, it only takes a guidebook to start-up.

Installing solar cells

Instead of spending twenty grand for professional installation, you can lower down to costs to one to two grand? A regular panel needs 36 mono-crystalline cells. A regular plywood panel is the length and width you need to house these 36 solar cells. In a nutshell, you need to house the solar cells in this plywood. Put some treatment in the wood and paint it several times for waterproofing purposes before laying down the Plexiglass.


The panels should be wire together in series. Once connected, a blocking diode should be connected in the circuit system to prevent discharge during night time. Finally, add a two-pin jones plug which will go together with a female plug connected to a charge controller. Materials for a 15 watt panel like this cost a couple of hundred bucks and you need to build several around your home.


Solar panels are good for getting that free extra electricity to allow you to save money. Read some how do it yourself solar panels and you will learn how easy it is. Learn how to install solar panels.

Sunforce 82156 60 LED Solar Motion Light

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Product Description

Use the power of the sun to light dark areas and add extra security with the Sunforce 60 LED Solar Motion Security Light. This light automatically turns on when motion is detected, making it the perfect solar security solution. This security light comes equipped with 60 super-bright LEDs in a durable ABS plastic and aluminum housing. The 1-watt, 6-volt amorphous solar panel charges 1 x AA 5-Pack Ni-MH 6V 900mAh of rechargeable batteries, ensuring reliable lighting power for whenever, wherever you need it.

About Amorphous Solar Technology

Amorphous solar panels work during all daylight conditions, even on cloudy days. They are best for smaller output needs, temporary set ups and areas that do not receive predictable sun conditions. These solar panels ensure that your solar lights will work anywhere.



  • Made with ABS plastic and aluminum for added durability
  • Solar panel is amorphous (1W, 6V) and can be mounted almost anywhere
  • Lumen output: 850
  • No main power or wiring required
  • Working Time: 30 minutes, 72 times, one time lighting 25 seconds

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